My New Year Resolutions

1. Make New Year Resolutions

Yeah!! I am one of those, who don’t even take the pain to make resolutions. See, there are two reasons behind that:

  • I am too lazy to make a list of resolutions.
  • I am even lazier to keep those resolutions.

So yes, I am gonna try and do both this year.

2. Start a Blog

Yes, I was too lazy to start a blog too. It is after the continuous nagging of all my friends (probably coz they were bored of being my only victims), that I’ve gathered the strength to do this. And yes, just to give it a more dramatic effect, I am starting it right on the first day of the year. Yayyyyyyyy!

3. ACTUALLY  write something for the blog.

I will HAVE to do that right? Just starting a blog would be dumb. Actually, very dumb. So ya, I am gonna write too. And you guys would have to read it.

4. Stop making people jealous with my AWESOMENESS.

Sure as hell I am lazy… But that has never, ever stopped me from being awesome. Guys, seriously. I AM AWESOME!! And you are so gonna see that in just a few days.

5. Stop being lazy

Now trust me you guys, this is going to be really difficult for me. Now, to stop being lazy does not mean just to STOP BEING LAZY. It is a code for loadsa impossible things. Like:

  • Getting up from the bed every time someone calls out. Instead of watsapp-ing them.
  • Putting off the fan if it gets really cold at night. Instead of just shivering and praying to God that your room mate turns it off.
  • Going to the yoga classes which you have paid the annual fees for; but have managed to attend only… twice? I think.
  • Not letting a pile of clothes form on your chair. SERIOUSLY?? What fun is that gonna be? :-@
  • Finishing off this list.

6. Finishing off THIS list.

So yes, that is all I have to do this year. That is what you might think. What I am thinking is… oh no! what did I just do! I made RESOLUTIONS!! What was I even thinking! And now that I have so awesomely put it on my blog, I might even have to do all that stuff. Seriously! What were you thinking there, girlie? But yeah, I’ve accomplished the first three right? Told ya guys I was awesome, didn’t I?


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