Before you Leave


Every time you walk out on a girl,
No matter for whatever reason,
Just know that…

Every time she’s looked into your eyes,
She has visualized walking down the aisle with you.

Every time she’s held your hand,
She has wished to be able to hold it forever.

Every time she’s hugged you,
She has wanted your arms around her for an eternity.

And each time she’s said she loves you,
She has secretly planned her entire life with you.

So anytime that you walk out on a girl,
Just stop and think…

About all that you had told her once,
All the promises that you made,
All the dreams that you’d shown her,
About the times you said you cared.

Stop and think just once,
Can’t you give it one more try?
Had you really come into her life,
To leave her alone to cry?

She has loved you and been there for you,
She has done all that she could,
So doesn’t she deserve to be happy,
For all the love that she has proved?

Stop and give it a thought once more…
Do you have the right to break her heart?
Do you have the right to shatter her world in a moment,
The right to break it apart?

So go and walk down that road with her,
‘Coz she has dreams in her eyes,
Don’t just let her slip away like that,
And one day you’ll thank me, you guys.

Man in Uniform

He makes me smile,
And makes me laugh,
My love, my life,
My other half.

He holds me in his arms,
And looks me in the eye,
Tells me how much he loves me,
Oh it makes me wanna cry!

He makes me feel so special,
And makes me feel so good,
In the cutest possible ways,
He lightens up my mood.

He keeps me safe,
And keeps me warm,
No one else my friends,
But my man in uniform.

Save The Baby Girl

Here comes a poem very special to me.

Although I have always wanted to say this, I was especially inspired to put it down on paper when I saw two heart-touching episodes of the Indian TV Show “Satyamev Jayate”; based on the issues of female foeticide and marriage dowry, both very prominently seen in India.

I will let my poem do the rest of the talking.


Please make us a better world to live in,
Where we won’t be killed when born,
Where we won’t be harassed for dowry,
Neither would we, be tortured for fun.

Please make a world for us,
Where we can roam about freely,
Where even we get a chance to speak,
Where we won’t feel helpless and weak.

Where we get to dress up the way we want,
Where no one else rules our lives,
Where we won’t be abused by our own people,
Be it daughters or wives.

A place where we get to make our own decisions,
And no one else decides what we do,
A place where we don’t just exist,
But we get to live too.

The Baby and Me

She was just four, when the baby was born,
She would play with her all day, up until dawn.

To go back home from school, she would long and wait,
Would proudly boast to her friends, about her new playmate.

In a few days though, she started to feel ignored,
It was just the baby now, who her mother praised and adored.

When their father got back home, joyfully they ran to him,
But now it was the baby he picked, as if she was not seen.

Her arms still wide open, she stood there hurt and sad,
Wondered to herself what she had done, if she had hurt her Dad.

As the years passed by, she was shouted at, and screamed,
Quietly she took the blame for, all that the baby did.

Coz she loved the baby too, glad that she was born,
But how could she forgive someone, who had taken away her Mom.

Today as she still longs for that love, cries through night until dawn,
Quietly slips in the reminiscence of the old times,
When the baby wasn’t born.