Lonely. Hurt. Confused.

People come and people go. And you say, “Okay, that’s how long they were supposed to be. Maybe their part in my story has ended.” But what if it starts happening with each and every one you meet, become friends with, and fall head over heels for? If they are eventually only going to leave, why do they come into your life anyway? Okay. I get it, they come into ur life to teach you something, they are meant to cross your path for a reason, and blah blah. But no! Enough. Too many lessons already. I am fed up of meeting these people who either move on to another path, walk out on me, or betray me. I am fed up of ending alone, forsaken, and hurt.

And what had begun as the most difficult thing to do, has slowly developed into a pattern – moving on. It has become far more easier and convenient. Now the moment I feel, someone’s gonna leave, I quietly make my peace with it, distance myself from them, and just let them go. Later, I take a shower. And I am new again. My chirpy bubbly self is slowly turning into this person who has a shield around herself, so that no one can penetrate it and get close, just so I can save myself some pain, once they are gone.

But is it really the right approach? Is it the right thing to do? It sure is better than sitting and crying later, watching movies, and eating a bag of chips. But how many people should you let go? And is no one really worth holding back? Any answers?