Their Little Secret

She has lost her heart to him,
It’s been a few days,
Starting to drive her crazy it is,
In all the different ways.

She has told them all,
Everyone but him,
With all her heart she knows,
How foolish her blush must seem.

He too feels the same,
And is dying to tell her too,
But doesn’t know if she likes him,
Confused what he should do.

Should he just go and tell her,
What if she doesn’t say yes,
Falling in love with anyone else,
Is not going to be his case.

In the smallest of ways,
They try to be around,
Just a small glimpse,
And loudly their hearts pound.

Both of them so shy,
Just quietly they stand.
When inside they are dying to,
Hold each other’s hands.

There is no way he’ll ask,
And no way that she will say.
Maybe someday they’ll just know,
In their own secret way.

A Love Ballad

The last few days have been crazy,
The reason is no one but you,
I’ve kind of lost myself, I swear,
You’ve turned me into someone new.

The way you’ve slowly and sweetly,
Walked into my old little life,
The way you’ve brightened my days,
And put back life into the nights.

The way I just know what you feel,
And you know what’s in my heart too,
Just be brave and say the words, my love
I am dying to be with you.

The way we make the slightest of excuses,
To steal time with each other,
The way we let the eyes do the talking,
Secretly longing to be together.

In a room full of people,
It’s like we are all alone.
We can’t see or hear the crowds,
We are in our different zone.

Been long enough just say it, love,
Coz I am not brave either.
I am afraid we’ll end up this way,
Just longing for each other.