Book Lovers, Welcome Chaabook


We have all been there when we have had a cupboard full of read and re-read books, and we just can’t figure out what to do with them, especially if you are a possessive freak like me, and can’t bear to part with your books. I am also aware that it might just be because you love the way it feels when the books greet you each time you enter the room.

Guess what? My friends Pratik Datey and Sourav Chaterjee, along with Sanal Somasundaran have just made our lives easier with Chaabook, a platform to swap books with other readers. That way, we never have to minus the books on our shelf, and even get to read more (may I also say free of cost). Trust me, it means a lot to someone who spends a quarter of their monthly savings in books.

Not only does Chaabook allow you to swap books, it also allows you to donate books, and will soon enough even allow you to re-sell them too. All you have to do is log in to, either with the help of your gmail, or facebook account, create a profile, and add the books you want to swap. While adding the books, you can put in the names and other details of the books you would prefer your book to be swapped with.

You might want to be a wee bit careful since the condition of the books is not going to be pre-examined by the team. So what you can do is check the number of swaps a user has made, before exchanging a book with them. That way, you can be sure that the book you get in exchange is in a good condition. Also, if it is a same-city swap, you can always see the book before the barter. Chaabook also allows you to add users as your friends and check their reviews and suggestions. Pretty cool, eh?

Again, for the philanthropist readers, Chaabook also gives an opportunity to donate books to NGOs. NGOs can register and source these books free of cost. For further queries, please check or email to

Hoping you will all stop by!




I don’t want to disappoint you,
But I simply can’t move on.
Never will I deal with it,
That Mummy, you are gone.

No, I will not agree,
That this was meant to be,
Was extremely selfish of you to leave me alone,
To simply die on me.

The memories, they haunt me Mom,
They haunt me all the time.
How could anything take you away,
When you were but all mine?

And no, you have to come back,
You’ve got to come back for me.
For my success, for my wedding,
And for the grandkids you wanted to see.

Please come back just once,
At least to brush my hair,
To shower me with all the loving,
With all the loving and the care.

Please oh please come back,
Just for a day or so.
You’ve got to come back Mom,
I wasn’t ready to let you go.