A Lot Like Love

An Armchair Perfectionist

Photo Credit: Akshat Madan in Sikkim Photo Credit: Akshat Madan in Sikkim. Isn’t she perfect???

There is a dainty flower in my hands,

And a song playing in my head,

Box of anticipation drawing in my eyes.


There is a wind racing in my veins,

And a hint of pine tickling in my nose,

Promising touches rousing my fingers.


There is a tinkling laugh hiding in my lips,

And a whisper of poetry vibrant in my ears,

Rhymes of butterflies fluttering in my belly.


There is a spring of dance in my feet,

And shivers running slowly in my back,

Sparkling love pulsing in my heart.

Today will remain with me for the rest of my life. A special dedication 🙂

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Give Your Heart a Chance

We have all been there, absolutely all of us, when we have felt betrayed, cheated, sad, hurt, angry, and simply exhausted. You feel angry for having trusted people, sad that you let them hurt you, and exhausted because your heart had been trampled on, a thousand times over. You slowly start losing faith in everything, the friendships, the relationships, and basically the fact that anything good can come from pinning one’s hopes in people.

However, there also comes a point in life, when you want to start trusting again, just try a little; but because they ask you to get wiser with experience, you are a little more apprehensive now, you want to protect your little heart from everything that can remotely hurt you. So you stop yourself, each time life gives you a chance, to let go, to take that leap, to start living, once again. I might sound completely from the Romanticism Era when I say this, but guess what, sometimes you just have to let go, and see what happens. You cannot keep planning your moves, it never works out anyway.

So, let go this time. Make peace with people you have wronged, they don’t say life is short for nothing. Maybe they are fighting the same battle? Try doing that, and see how you can actually feel your heart inflate. Trust again, even if you get hurt, accommodate as many people as you can, even if they walk out. Forgive people, and ask for forgiveness, live on the edge, knowing you would fall, and fall in love again, even if you have broken your heart, just like you live even when you know you are going to die.

That’s all for today.

Lots of Love,

Letter – 1


Dearest Nupur,

My very first letter had to be for you. I am so very grateful to have had you in my life, like a rock for so many years. It must have been like 15 years back when I first befriended you. But I so vividly remember that time. I don’t know where to start from. We gelled up so quickly, and then there was no looking back for us. I don’t think anyone must have ever seen us parted. The assemblies, the lunch breaks, the PT periods, there wasn’t a minute when we weren’t together. Our friendship is one of the most cherished things in my life. The way we could talk about anything and everything under the sun, the way we would hum our favorite songs together and, oh! how we gossiped. 😀

Do you remember how you would cut out Leonardo di Caprio pictures for me, and I would get Shahid Kapoor’s for you? (Mine is still cuter than yours BTW :p ) I still remember how you would only get the things I liked in the tiffin. And that is not it, the way you would decide the people I talk or don’t talk to was the cutest of all. I was so so naive, but I always had you watching my back. You, who got me to improve my handwriting, who taught me not to trust people so easily (still failing at that one), and most importantly taught me how to be friends with someone so unconditionally.

Me, on the other hand, have failed time and again, to be even half as good a friend. I could not even be there on the most important day of your life. And I am truly very sorry for that. On a parting note, I would say, that I wish you all the happiness in the world, absolutely all of it. I am glad that even when you are married now, we still share the same camaraderie, and I know now that it is going to be for life. I promise that I will visit you soon. Hope this letter will tempt you just a little into forgiving me. Thank you, dear sweetheart, for being my friend. I could not have been luckier.

Lots and Lots of Love,

Letters to You

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I have reached out to you, like not even months, it has been years altogether. And I am heartily thankful to you all for having been so patient with me, and being so supportive of me with whatever was going on. I have missed your birthdays, your weddings, and even the get-togethers. I have no explanations, no excuses, and no justifications for what I have wronged.

However, there is a way I can make it up to you guys. I am going to reach out to you, through my letters, here on my blog. And the only reason why I have decided to go the “public display of affection” way is because I want everyone to know what lovely people you are, and how blessed I am to have you all in my life.

So, be patient, and wait for your turn. Hoping you would love it. 🙂