Letter – 2


Dear Poonam,

You are absolutely the lovliest person I have in my life, and may I say the most forgiving too. I have never EVER been able to do anything for you, and for that I am genuinely sorry. You were the only person I had when I came to Pune. I was so annoyingly naive, but you were so patient, so tolerant of me. I wish I develop even half the patience you have.

I want to tell everyone through this letter, how you have always been the most responsible among us cousins. The eldest of all, there has never been a time that you have failed your duties. You have been an idol for us all, most because of the devotion and sincerity you show towards things, be it your studies, your work, or family.

The fondest memories I have with you are the movies that we have watched together. You are the reason why I am such a movie buff, you are the one who laid the foundation for it. 😀 Remember the time you, me, Ashwini, and Rashmi went to watch ‘Albela’? #absolutelynostalgic

Another fond memory I have is our trip to Lonavala. That was the first time I travelled by a local, and I had loved it so very much. The time we spent at your place doing absolutely nothing, our trips to MIT tekdi and the amazing tandoori chicken we used too have at the University corner have been some of the things I will always treasure.

I still remember how, when we were kids, you and Aniket would always team up and mock me as “pav-vada”, “pavagad”, “powder”. Oh I hated it so much. But, as we grew up, I discovered what a gem of a person you are, and I have been fond of you, since. Most importantly, I want to thank you for shaping up my career. I owe all my success to you. I have no idea where I would have landed up, had it not been for you.

On an ending note, I wish you all the happiness for the little bundle of joy that you are going to receive not too long from now. I swear I just can’t wait. Trust me, you are going to have a really hard time making me leave. 😀 I would ike to ask for forgiveness for all that I have not done, for all the times that I have failed as a sister, and I would also like to thank you for bring just the way you are.

Love you lots,