Happy Birthday, Mummy!



Dearest dearest Mom,

Wishing you a very happy 45th birthday. I know that you must have had a blast wherever you are, and I hope that you are in a much better place today.

It has almost been a year now that we lost you, and trust me there hasn’t gone by a single day when I haven’t thought about you or missed you. We all miss you, every single day, and we will for the rest of our lives.

I still remember what an amazing birthday party we had for you last year, with everyone you love, around you. The cake, with lots of roses, and an intricate icing, I remember it too. I had chosen it very carefully for you.

I baked a cake for you today, and I celebrated it with the people I love. I told everyone about how wonderful a person you were. We all called each other, Dad, aunty, me, and everyone, and spoke fondly about you. I hope you were watching us, and smiling at us.

I miss you and love you a lot Mummy. Every day, and every single moment I wish you were around me, even if it was just so I could lay my head in your lap just once more. If I could feel the touch of your hand on my head, and feel the heaven around me just once more.
Happy Birthday once again.

Love you,

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