Sweet and Sour


I love you when you’re here,
I love you when you’re not,
I love you in heaps and bunches,
I love you, I love you a lot.

I love you when we agree,
I love you when we don’t,
You always think I’ll get mad,
But baby, no I wont.

I love you when we are close,
I love you when we are far,
My love for you knows no bounds,
No limits, no boundary, no bar.

Love you when I am alone,
I love you in the crowd,
Love you in the silence,
I love you when it’s loud.

I love you when awake,
I love you while I sleep,
My love is high like skies,
My love is sea-like deep.

I love you ‘coz we’re perfect,
I even love our flaws,
I love how it is today,
And even how it was.

I love you not for anything else,
But the man that you are,
I love you for all the sweetness,
And even the little bit of sour.

A Little Less Loved

Mom and Me

Lonely, lost, I walk this path,
It’s full of darkness.
A little less loved is how I feel,
Lesser loved and sightless.

Wake up in the morning,
And I look at your tea cup.
Suddenly I’m reminded you’re gone,
And how there is little less of love.

I wander through the day,
Deserted and clueless.
Can’t figure out how to live, or breathe,
Blinded by the darkness.

In the evening, I come back to a house,
Which I once had called a home,
I wander through the walls that scream,
They scream that I’m alone.

Somehow I gather the courage,
To walk up to your room.
Everything still looks the same,
I can smell your perfume.

The smiles you smiled, the laughs you laughed,
In the house, they still echo,
The mirror has held your reflection,
Not wanting to let go.

Many words unsaid,
So many things were left undone,
The memories come back to me,
They come back one by one.

In the night, I lay in bed,
Counting the promises to keep,
Your smiling face, I miss, I miss,
So I cry myself to sleep.

I cry, I weep, I break, I scream,
Million times a day.
I search, I cry, I fall, I try,
But I cannot find my way.

So, blinded I just keep on going,
Lost in the darkness.
Coz a little less loved is what I am,
Lesser loved and motherless.

Am I Being Too Much of a Liberal?

Today, as I sit and read about Mahatma Phule, and all the work he did to eradicate the orthodox thoughts from the society, I cannot help but laugh that after years of struggle of these social reformers, here I am still struggling, and still fighting it.

I live in one of the most reputed areas of Pune, which is home to the majority of high class population of the city. Imagine my disappointment when I was told I cannot talk to my own friends in the vicinity of my apartment, that I would have to go outside and greet those who have come to see me.

So here we are, today’s youth, even the good of the lot who are struggling to make the city a better place, having to fight such ridicules. And what is worse is that instead of raising a voice against it, my fellows choose to apologize for their “immoral behavior”.

I understand we come from a country which has the highest regard for its morals. So yes, question me if I walk out in public in a revealing outfit, object, if I am standing there kissing someone, but if I have to answer someone even if I wish to talk to my friends, that’s certainly something that I am not going to agree to. Because the next thing I know is I am not even supposed to be seen with my own husband in public.

Really, is it just me who thinks that it is absolutely ridiculous that something like this be happening today?

Am I being too much of a liberal?