REVIEW: Bizarre – The Salon ★★★★★

It was around 7 years back that I first met Riddhi, after a friend came back home with a lovely haircut. Since then, I have let no one else cut my hair. And why would I?

I have seen people getting messy haircuts, and then dealing with it for 6 more months, to get it all right again. We all know how much that mane matters, don’t we?

Not even once have I come home disappointed and neither have any of my friends (the madames and monsieurs both) who I have recommended Riddhi to. I mean, you guys have seen the pictures right? Nah? Okay, here’s one from last month. She’s gorgeous, eh? I know.


What’s more enduring is the fact that nothing has changed in the last so many years. Even as she became a salon owner herself (Bizarre The Salon), she still greets each one of her clients with the same warmth. It’s almost like chatting with one of your girlfriends, discussing your hair problems, and getting lots and lots of tips from her.

In short, if you want the best haircut/makeup, be it for your 16th birthday, an important date, or for your wedding (luckily, she’s doing mine, phew!), Riddhi is the person to go to, and Bizarre is the place to be. And don’t worry if you can’t get hold of Riddhi anytime, the rest of her team is also wonderfully trained, and will take care of you just as well.

I wish Riddhi and team lots and lots of success as The Bizarre turns all of 3, in 3 days.

And hey, don’t forget to like their page for some really exciting offers. Here: Bizarre The Salon.