Sweet and Sour


I love you when you’re here,
I love you when you’re not,
I love you in heaps and bunches,
I love you, I love you a lot.

I love you when we agree,
I love you when we don’t,
You always think I’ll get mad,
But baby, no I wont.

I love you when we are close,
I love you when we are far,
My love for you knows no bounds,
No limits, no boundary, no bar.

Love you when I am alone,
I love you in the crowd,
Love you in the silence,
I love you when it’s loud.

I love you when awake,
I love you while I sleep,
My love is high like skies,
My love is sea-like deep.

I love you ‘coz we’re perfect,
I even love our flaws,
I love how it is today,
And even how it was.

I love you not for anything else,
But the man that you are,
I love you for all the sweetness,
And even the little bit of sour.


A Little Less Loved

Mom and Me

Lonely, lost, I walk this path,
It’s full of darkness.
A little less loved is how I feel,
Lesser loved and sightless.

Wake up in the morning,
And I look at your tea cup.
Suddenly I’m reminded you’re gone,
And how there is little less of love.

I wander through the day,
Deserted and clueless.
Can’t figure out how to live, or breathe,
Blinded by the darkness.

In the evening, I come back to a house,
Which I once had called a home,
I wander through the walls that scream,
They scream that I’m alone.

Somehow I gather the courage,
To walk up to your room.
Everything still looks the same,
I can smell your perfume.

The smiles you smiled, the laughs you laughed,
In the house, they still echo,
The mirror has held your reflection,
Not wanting to let go.

Many words unsaid,
So many things were left undone,
The memories come back to me,
They come back one by one.

In the night, I lay in bed,
Counting the promises to keep,
Your smiling face, I miss, I miss,
So I cry myself to sleep.

I cry, I weep, I break, I scream,
Million times a day.
I search, I cry, I fall, I try,
But I cannot find my way.

So, blinded I just keep on going,
Lost in the darkness.
Coz a little less loved is what I am,
Lesser loved and motherless.


Your arms, my solace,
My solace, is your embrace.

The way you pull me close, it takes away my pain,
You hold me baby, and I am sane.

There is nothing, that your arms can’t cure,
They have some magic, of this I am sure.

The minute I rest my head on that chest,
Life is beautiful again, that feeling is the best.

For those magical arms, I would give up all,
For you, my love, I would give my all.

Butterflies and Wildflowers

Butterflies and Wildflowers

One by one, I am counting the days,
Because once in forever, the love songs are making sense.

Once in forever, someone has meant the world to me,
You make me want to flee, the way you just let me be.

Longing for the day, I’ll get to see your face,
Touch it oh-so-gently, to kiss and leave my taste.

To sing you lullabies, as you fall asleep,
To finally have a heart, that’s forever mine to keep.

To just hold your hand, and have to say nothing,
To simply look into your eyes, and feel myself blushing.

To just lay beneath the stars, and talk for hours,
Talk about all the beautiful things, about butterflies and wildflowers.

So one by one, I’ll count the days,
Until I finally get to see your face.
Until the day I can hold and soak you in,
The moment my tears won’t stop flowing.

Tell me, do you feel the same?
Are you counting minutes too?
Tell me, are you longing to see me just as much?
As much as I long to see you?



I don’t want to disappoint you,
But I simply can’t move on.
Never will I deal with it,
That Mummy, you are gone.

No, I will not agree,
That this was meant to be,
Was extremely selfish of you to leave me alone,
To simply die on me.

The memories, they haunt me Mom,
They haunt me all the time.
How could anything take you away,
When you were but all mine?

And no, you have to come back,
You’ve got to come back for me.
For my success, for my wedding,
And for the grandkids you wanted to see.

Please come back just once,
At least to brush my hair,
To shower me with all the loving,
With all the loving and the care.

Please oh please come back,
Just for a day or so.
You’ve got to come back Mom,
I wasn’t ready to let you go.

Tip Tip Padti Bundein

Tip tip padti bundon ko yu
Behne na tum de jao
Tip tip padti bundon ko tum
Dekhkar thoda muskao

Tip tip padti bundein
Na jaane kab phir aayengi
Lutf uthalo tum inka
Kyuki ye jald beh jayengi

Phir bhi apne saath layengi
Khushiyon ki toli aisehi
Aayi hai jaise ab
Ye laut jayengi waisehi.

Par aisa hi hai silsila ye
Aisi hi hai sab kaya
Jana hi hai usko
Jo bhi duniya me aaya.

Har koi jo aya hai
Wo vapas ek din jayega.
Tip tip padti bunde kya hai
Ye insaan bhi beh jayega.