Your arms, my solace,
My solace, is your embrace.

The way you pull me close, it takes away my pain,
You hold me baby, and I am sane.

There is nothing, that your arms can’t cure,
They have some magic, of this I am sure.

The minute I rest my head on that chest,
Life is beautiful again, that feeling is the best.

For those magical arms, I would give up all,
For you, my love, I would give my all.

A Fantasy

Met when they were five, fifteen when they fell in love,
Anyone who saw them, said their pair was made above.

All was well, and all was good, until one day they parted,
They had to make their dreams come true, a new life had just started.

He went on to become a soldier and she continued with her studies
Although they were miles apart, they remained the best of buddies.

All was well n all was good, until one day he vanished,
All were scared but she had faith, n so she never panicked.

Months passed by n so did years, there was no sign of him,
It had been so long now, that it all felt like a dream.

All was lost n she was sad, until one day he came,
Tear after tear, rolled down her cheeks, as he lovingly called her name.

Ran to him, as fast as she could, he swept her off her feet,
Kneeling down, he proposed,
And she said yes, in a beat.