Sweet and Sour


I love you when you’re here,
I love you when you’re not,
I love you in heaps and bunches,
I love you, I love you a lot.

I love you when we agree,
I love you when we don’t,
You always think I’ll get mad,
But baby, no I wont.

I love you when we are close,
I love you when we are far,
My love for you knows no bounds,
No limits, no boundary, no bar.

Love you when I am alone,
I love you in the crowd,
Love you in the silence,
I love you when it’s loud.

I love you when awake,
I love you while I sleep,
My love is high like skies,
My love is sea-like deep.

I love you ‘coz we’re perfect,
I even love our flaws,
I love how it is today,
And even how it was.

I love you not for anything else,
But the man that you are,
I love you for all the sweetness,
And even the little bit of sour.



Your arms, my solace,
My solace, is your embrace.

The way you pull me close, it takes away my pain,
You hold me baby, and I am sane.

There is nothing, that your arms can’t cure,
They have some magic, of this I am sure.

The minute I rest my head on that chest,
Life is beautiful again, that feeling is the best.

For those magical arms, I would give up all,
For you, my love, I would give my all.

Butterflies and Wildflowers

Butterflies and Wildflowers

One by one, I am counting the days,
Because once in forever, the love songs are making sense.

Once in forever, someone has meant the world to me,
You make me want to flee, the way you just let me be.

Longing for the day, I’ll get to see your face,
Touch it oh-so-gently, to kiss and leave my taste.

To sing you lullabies, as you fall asleep,
To finally have a heart, that’s forever mine to keep.

To just hold your hand, and have to say nothing,
To simply look into your eyes, and feel myself blushing.

To just lay beneath the stars, and talk for hours,
Talk about all the beautiful things, about butterflies and wildflowers.

So one by one, I’ll count the days,
Until I finally get to see your face.
Until the day I can hold and soak you in,
The moment my tears won’t stop flowing.

Tell me, do you feel the same?
Are you counting minutes too?
Tell me, are you longing to see me just as much?
As much as I long to see you?

A Love Ballad

The last few days have been crazy,
The reason is no one but you,
I’ve kind of lost myself, I swear,
You’ve turned me into someone new.

The way you’ve slowly and sweetly,
Walked into my old little life,
The way you’ve brightened my days,
And put back life into the nights.

The way I just know what you feel,
And you know what’s in my heart too,
Just be brave and say the words, my love
I am dying to be with you.

The way we make the slightest of excuses,
To steal time with each other,
The way we let the eyes do the talking,
Secretly longing to be together.

In a room full of people,
It’s like we are all alone.
We can’t see or hear the crowds,
We are in our different zone.

Been long enough just say it, love,
Coz I am not brave either.
I am afraid we’ll end up this way,
Just longing for each other.

A Fantasy

Met when they were five, fifteen when they fell in love,
Anyone who saw them, said their pair was made above.

All was well, and all was good, until one day they parted,
They had to make their dreams come true, a new life had just started.

He went on to become a soldier and she continued with her studies
Although they were miles apart, they remained the best of buddies.

All was well n all was good, until one day he vanished,
All were scared but she had faith, n so she never panicked.

Months passed by n so did years, there was no sign of him,
It had been so long now, that it all felt like a dream.

All was lost n she was sad, until one day he came,
Tear after tear, rolled down her cheeks, as he lovingly called her name.

Ran to him, as fast as she could, he swept her off her feet,
Kneeling down, he proposed,
And she said yes, in a beat.

Lessons in Life

You never understand someone’s worth,
Don’t understand their cost,
Unless you are hurt the same way,
Unless that loved one is lost.

You may try to make things right,
But it’s sometimes too late,
Doesn’t matter how much you curse yourself,
How much ever you cry over your fate.

You realize your mistakes,
Cry over it time and again,
Coz the loss is too much to bear,
Way too much is the pain.

So don’t hurt the ones who love you,
Don’t expect too much from them.
Just love them all you can,
Without them, life’s never the same.