Sweet and Sour


I love you when you’re here,
I love you when you’re not,
I love you in heaps and bunches,
I love you, I love you a lot.

I love you when we agree,
I love you when we don’t,
You always think I’ll get mad,
But baby, no I wont.

I love you when we are close,
I love you when we are far,
My love for you knows no bounds,
No limits, no boundary, no bar.

Love you when I am alone,
I love you in the crowd,
Love you in the silence,
I love you when it’s loud.

I love you when awake,
I love you while I sleep,
My love is high like skies,
My love is sea-like deep.

I love you ‘coz we’re perfect,
I even love our flaws,
I love how it is today,
And even how it was.

I love you not for anything else,
But the man that you are,
I love you for all the sweetness,
And even the little bit of sour.


Your arms, my solace,
My solace, is your embrace.

The way you pull me close, it takes away my pain,
You hold me baby, and I am sane.

There is nothing, that your arms can’t cure,
They have some magic, of this I am sure.

The minute I rest my head on that chest,
Life is beautiful again, that feeling is the best.

For those magical arms, I would give up all,
For you, my love, I would give my all.

Letters to Him – 1

Love. Laugh. Eat.

“Why do you still love me?”, you asked me today. “In spite of all the fights, all the arguments, the screaming and the shouting? Why do you still come back to me?”, you asked again.

This might have been the third time that I did not answer that question. I did not have an answer, you might have thought. The truth is, it’s not that I do not have an answer, not that I do not know. It’s that there’s so much to it, that words alone will never be able to express what I really want to say. Words have power, they say. But, they fail me, love. They fail me every time I try to describe the magic that I feel, each  time I hear your voice, each time that I feel like you are right next to me, each time… that I feel you are mine to…

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Is it okay not to lose hope?

After having your share of relationships, after falling in and out of love, after breaking your heart and moving on for the zillionth time. Here you are… single again. And you have been single long enough for people to start giving you the pity looks. And for those with a partner to rub their cheesy talks in your face.

When you get into the dating world, you never really plan to have those ‘n’ number of relationships. What you think is, there’s going to be that ONE guy, who you are gonna date and fall in love with, the ONE who will matter the world to you, the ONE who will make people jealous of you, the ONE who you’ll have your ‘happily ever after’. But to our despair (well, most of us), never really turns out that way, does it? Instead of meeting the ONE, you meet the several others – the ones who just wanna get laid, ones who don’t “deserve you”, the ones who are “just not ready”, the ones who “just wanna focus on their career right now”, and of course the ones who cheat on you. Life is a fairy tale you feel, but by the time you are 22, it’s not really much of a fairy tale. It’s mostly just another tale.

But I wonder at times … should you not learn your lesson after so many attempts? Is it really okay to still have faith in love? Is it okay not to stop trying? Is it okay not to lose hope?

A Love Ballad

The last few days have been crazy,
The reason is no one but you,
I’ve kind of lost myself, I swear,
You’ve turned me into someone new.

The way you’ve slowly and sweetly,
Walked into my old little life,
The way you’ve brightened my days,
And put back life into the nights.

The way I just know what you feel,
And you know what’s in my heart too,
Just be brave and say the words, my love
I am dying to be with you.

The way we make the slightest of excuses,
To steal time with each other,
The way we let the eyes do the talking,
Secretly longing to be together.

In a room full of people,
It’s like we are all alone.
We can’t see or hear the crowds,
We are in our different zone.

Been long enough just say it, love,
Coz I am not brave either.
I am afraid we’ll end up this way,
Just longing for each other.

Blessed by Love

This thing called love is seriously crazy,
It somehow makes the world seem hazy.

It’s like you’re always in this trance,
Where you don’t wanna miss a single chance.

Of holding that sweet, loving hand,
Be it in a movie theater or in warm sand.

You try to read or you go to some place,
The only thing in front of your eyes is that one cute face.

At times, you feel those butterflies,
And you suddenly start flying in the skies.

Damn those accidental touches!
Every time with which your adrenaline rushes.

You never forget the first time you met,
That never-ending ride for which your heart was all set.

You are like that little lovebird,
Happy in its sweet, small world.

Whenever you are low and feel like you’re left with no choice,
The only thing that calms you down is the magic in that voice.

They seem like angels sent to you straight from above,
And you cannot help but feel you are blessed by love.