It’s funny how somewhere amidst the smiles and laughters, innocent childhoods, and sweet nothings; life gets complicated … like somewhere along the way, you just forgot how to knit and entangled all the threads. You feel clueless and everything seems to suffocate you.

Thankfully, it is during these moments, that you somehow gather the strength to make some brave moves, to take some life-altering decisions; and unknowingly end up bringing special someones and somethings into your life. For me, it was Momo.

It was a very impromptu decision to bring a puppy home, and I was unsure of it until the last moment, turning back each time I thought rationally. But I did it. As scared as I was during that 15-minute car ride, my heart was already leaping in excitement. I had carried everything I thought a pup might need.

There were two of them in that basket, both tiny, both squeaking. But one of them hopped right out and kissed my toe. “That’s mine”, I said, “That’s my dog.”

Today, five months later, me and Momo have come a long way, grown with each other; she as my baby and me as her human. We have successfully handled the teething phase, the sulking phase, the toilet training phase, as well as the ‘I won’t eat anything but chicken rice’ phase.

A month into her training, Momo has mellowed down a lot and become a much better being. She has come a long way from “She’s my mom! I can bite and scratch her everywhere” to “I won’t stop licking her until she stops crying.”

How can they do this? How can dogs love you so much when you do so little for them? Where do they get all that compassion from?

Everyday, I leave Momo home and go off to work. It is the most courage I have ever had to show. Even though I know she is going to be fine, each day, I am scared with all my life when I leave her. I hate to see her sit there looking helpless and sad, wondering what she did to deserve this punishment. I hate that look. Each time I am late from work, I start panicking, knowing Momo must be scared now that it is dark. I pass each minute, barely sane.

But even after I have been so inconsiderate, I find her barking for me even before I have opened the door. She doesn’t stop wagging her tail and jumping all over me until two minutes after. This is my happiest moment throughout the day. It is in this moment, that I can forget all my worries, all the unpleasant and just feel loved.

The next one hour just flies by, playing with one another, telepathically conveying the day’s events to each other, taking a walk in the park and greeting our dog and human friends together, and Momo’s favorite part – having dinner together.

Today, I am nothing but thankful for having Momo in my life, I am happy I brought her home, that she brings me so much happiness, and that in this world full of sorrow, she gives me immense hope.

Momo, I love you.