I don’t want to disappoint you,
But I simply can’t move on.
Never will I deal with it,
That Mummy, you are gone.

No, I will not agree,
That this was meant to be,
Was extremely selfish of you to leave me alone,
To simply die on me.

The memories, they haunt me Mom,
They haunt me all the time.
How could anything take you away,
When you were but all mine?

And no, you have to come back,
You’ve got to come back for me.
For my success, for my wedding,
And for the grandkids you wanted to see.

Please come back just once,
At least to brush my hair,
To shower me with all the loving,
With all the loving and the care.

Please oh please come back,
Just for a day or so.
You’ve got to come back Mom,
I wasn’t ready to let you go.